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I have an old nexus 5x that broke, totally dead. I cannot put the sim back in the old phone to edit my data. The new Alcatel I am using says the typical message of not being logged in from the right phone, as I am using the same sim, if you see what I’m saying. I think it is bizarre that I cannot edit this from anywhere else… Confused!

Honestly I really need to get this taken care of because I cannot afford my bill this month and see no way of avoiding paying that. Is there a way it can be over ridden? Or any way to edit it at all? I feel very stuck… :frowning:

If you’re unable to resolve the issue (I’m not clear what you’re saying), support can make the change from you to be sure you aren’t billied the higher amount. You can make that request here’s where you can open a ticket.

Hi @Donna,

Our support team can change your plan for you, if you’re unable to. Just open a ticket and ask them to do so.

Would you mind trying something, though? Four quick steps, as I’ve written them here:

Can you then change your plan?

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