Change my password on email accounts


I have a Nexus phone I needed to change my password on my computer. For the life of me I can’t find where to do it on the phone so I’m not getting any incoming and can’t send outgoing emails. Everything I read says go to settings then Apps then email. Mine doesn’t have a category email just the individual Gmail and AOL accounts and I can’t find incoming server settings on either of those or outgoing. Help


Hi @robinsturn

Not sure I understand what you are saying. You changed the “Email” password on your PC, but cannot change it on your mobile device?. What confuses me is that once you have changed you email password, all you should need to do is ‘sign-in’ to the email client using the new password.

It would be helpful to know which email client(s) you are using Gmail, AOL, both?.

Sorry if I misunderstand your issue, the more information you can provide will help the community understand exactly what is going on in your situation.



If the email app isn’t giving you the option to change the password, you may need to delete it and set it up again:

Go to Settings
Find your Email account
Tap on 3 dots in upper right corner - might be a little different on Nexus menu
Choose delete account

Restart the phone.

Now go to your Email app and set up your account again using your new password.


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