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I went in to the Verizon store today to change my Republic Samsung 7edge today to a Verizon plan. I was able to receive a new number and put in the SIM card. However, when I restarted my phone the following message came up, “Service provider Update, You device will restart to configure features supported by the new SIM card.” When i press the OK button the “please wait” with the rotating circle appears and never stops. What do I need to do get the phone to reload? Thanks.



Did you reboot the phone?
I am not too sure about verizon but did you delete the RW app and the RW telephony app off the phone and reboot?

edit: I am surprised verizon didn’t set the phone up for you since you were in their store, bad salesman!

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I agree Verizon should have set up the phone. FYI 3.0 phones do not have the Telephony app.

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This is really a question for Verizon. Republic has nothing to do with how the activation on Verizon proceeds.


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