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We have two First Generation Moto G phones. I would like to change the name that shows on the outgoing call from my wife’s phone to her name. If I go into account settings, it looks like I have to set up an entire new account, even though both phones are now on the same account…

Any easy way to change the outgoing name?

Thanks, Tony in Idaho

CNAM (Caller Name) 101

to change what other see as the caller on the phone will take a Republic support ticket Tickets | Republic Wireless


Thank you. I had no idea this was possible.

Now for the name format…


Choose the name to use for Caller ID

After doing a search here and on web have a quick question.

If we choose to have name displayed do the recipients also see our number? If not is our # in their recents? Thanks.



So this is a little complicated. First of all carriers always send your number along with the call (unless you’ve chosen to block outbound caller ID). This is traditional caller ID. Second, there are databases out there, that contain names associated with numbers. In the US, caller name is not sent with the call (it is in Canada). The receiving carrier, will choose to look up the name in one of these directories, and then deliver it to the end user. Cell phone providers generally don’t do name look ups for their customers. Some carriers is offer it as a premium service, or in their unlimited packages. Republic does not offer inbound name lookups. In general, when you’re seeing a name on a cell phone, it’s because that person is in your contacts. Of course there are 3rd party solutions like mr. number, that do name lookups on inbound calls.



You lost me. Forget about contacts for a moment please. Are you saying if members choose to have their name displayed rather than the phone number the recipient may not have access to the members number?

How will/could RW not offering lookups affect me? Would that affect change if choosing display of name or number?



The phone number will always be sent to the caller unless one hides it by dialing *67 before the number

Then there are call id tables (databases) that carriers and telecom providers keep in their systems, these get updated on a regular basis to though the system (though it can take for other carriers to update their tables as some do it more often than others.)
IF you have a contact in your phone it will always be displayed (over writing what information Is sent from the Caller ID table) to you as long as the number is not hidden

Some carriers do not let you change the out bound caller id (my father’s prepaid page plus will always display just “cellular caller” and when he ask them to change it they refused to do so.


No. The number is always sent. In fact only the number is sent.

It simply means, when you receive a call, all you’ll get from Republic is the number. They will not provide a name.

I’m not sure what this means, one does not choose between name or number.


OK, apologize but I missed out on the Caller ID 101 class when it first became popular on land lines and never paid much attention to it when it was finally on one of my lines. Now trying to understand the personal identifying information recipients of my non personal calls may see.

Your responses have lead me to these.

  1. Some mobile provider’s phones will display the inbound caller’s ID name and number. A call recipient may see just # or may see # and ID name depending upon their service. Land lines with caller ID should normally display both unless blocked?
  2. Providers use data bases to display the caller’s ID name.
  3. The inbound caller’s ID name may be a generic “cellular caller” or may be the actual name of an account holder. RW chooses to provide account holder name as ID to be displayed and used in the data bases.
  4. Republic doesn’t offer feature to display the inbound ID name.
  5. All RW phones on an account would display the account holder’s name as ID unless assigned to another user and then would display the user’s ID name.

Thanks and will appreciate you advising of misunderstandings.



One more question, why would my ID name be the City/State of the exchange? Is that just the name assigned to my account 4 1/2 years ago? Thanks.



I believe al you points you listed are correct, as for why you have the exchange location as your information I’m n ot sure but it may be due to your number being ported in (my number was assigned by republic and was just cellular caller until I had it change.


Some carriers will provide the city/state that the number is tied to when there is no name in the look-up DB.



Believe my #5 is likely untrue.

Currently my RW phones are on two different exchanges and the phone ID names differ by exchange city when using OpenCNAM for the checks.

One of my newer lines that’s been in service for >2 months. has a RW issued number. The ID name is the city/state too but different exchange/city. Do numbers come from Bandwidth with exchange location as name?



I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to this one. @rolandh Any clue?


Rather than continue highjacking the OP’s thread, I’ve replied as a linked topic here: CNAM (Caller Name) 101.


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