Change phone plan without using the Republic app?

Hello community!

My daughter is living in Denmark this year. She wants to switch her Moto G (3rd Gen.) from the Republic 1GB Refund plan to the base wifi plan of $5/month. But when she attempts to open the Republic app on her phone, she cannot. Her phone just attempts to load, infinitely. Yes, she has wifi enabled. Yes, she has wifi. No, airplane mode is not on.

The question: I am the account holder. Can I change her plan from the Republic website, or is there any other way for me to do this for her?

Or–do you have insights about how she can make this change herself that I have not seen in the International Travel sections of this member community list?

Many, many thanks–


The Moto G3 isn’t on the new portal to change the plan. However, there is an older workaround here:


That is so helpful, louisdi. Thank you very much!

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