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I can get to the screen to change plan and numbers. When I go to that page there is nothing about changing plans. The help said find the plus and then go to change plan. That must be for newer phones. No plus on motog3

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You’re correct! Your older model Moto phone is locked into the old 2.0 plan. (Either the Base or Refund plan)

Only the My Choice phones can change plans.

It’s my understanding that if you are still on the Base plan you can move to the Refund plan (and allowed to go back to the Base plan but only once)
So you might still have that as an option. :slightly_smiling_face:
You might need to open a ticket for that.

That’s kind of a bummer! Each year when I would travel I would add cell to my WiFi plan.



I might have misunderstood your issue.
If you are on the Wifi only plan (I forgot about that one) and are looking to switch to a data plan for a trip. I think that should be possible.
I don’t have one of the older phones to look at the RW App to help you tho.
Please watch the Community board (your post) for more info to come.
I’m sure one of the Ambassadors or Experts will know the correct answer and will post soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

See if this helps…
This looks like the procedure for the 2.0 app and plan switch
Republic Wireless Plans 2.0
Looks like you need to do it via the “Manage Account” tab


Thanks for the help.


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You nailed it.




Happy to help!

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