Change plans 2 times in a billing period

Can I change plans 2 times in a billing period?

Hi @barbaram.kh1qj5 Please share the model of phone that you have so that we don’t have to provide 3 different answers depending on the model phone and plan that you’re on.

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I will be for a Moto G Play 2021. The plan is wifi only, but I want data when I go on vacation.

Just purchase additional data in 1gb amounts for the months you need it. Data expires at the end of each billing cycle so don’t purchase more than you expect to use in that months billing period. When vacation is done just stop purchasing additional data. No need to change you plan unless your vacation is a good part of the year.

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When I purchase in1gb amounts, do I designate how many days of 1gb I want? Does it have to be a whole month? How do I go about doing this?

Actually I see on my husband’s new phone (I don’t have mine activated yet) how to add 1gb of date. How many days does it give me, until the end of the billing cycle? And how much does it cost? And how do I stop purchasing additional data?

Hopefully this answers most of your questions -

Data is $5/GB and expires at the end of your billing cycle, as @Majorninth mentioned above.


Hi @barbaram.kh1qj5,

I see that you’re talking about getting a new phone. I want to be sure you understand that the Moto G Play 2021 will activate on our My Choice plan. We do not offer a WiFi-only option on the My Choice plan.


Ok, thank you.

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