Change RW phone to different account?

My sister has Republic Wireless, as do I. She got a new phone. I want to add her old phone as a second line to my existing account. Do I just buy a second line with ‘use existing phone’? Or is there more to it than that?

Is your current line activated on the new plans? Or, is it on the My Choice or older plan?

sorry for the late reply, life got busy. My current phone is on an old My Choice plan, but I’m OK with changing my plan. Do I need to change my current plan before I add the new phone? Or can I do both at the same time?

Two options:

  1. Keep your current phone where it is, and activate a new line on a separate account with the 5.0 plan.

  2. Move your current line to the 5.0 plan along with a new line and benefit from the multi-line discount. To do this, you would purchase a two-line plan, saying that you are bringing your own phone to each line. Then, when you activate the SIM cards, you would move your number for one line, and ask for a new number for the second line.

The catch is that the process for moving numbers from current Republic phones to the new 5.0 plans has been experiencing problems, so it’s recommended that you wait until the status listed here updates to say that everything is working as it should: Republic Wireless Status - Temporary paused: Number transfers to our 5.0 plans

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Thank you so much!

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