Change to an older republic phone on existing number while being repaired and use existing plan and minutes

Can I change phone without losing existing plan I’m on?

What plan are you on? What kind of phone (make/model/generation) is your older phone?

My Choice + 1GB. Which is currently assigned to my Moto Z Play, which may take time to repair. I have my older Moto G3, which used to be on that number before. I don’t want to change plans at all and I just bought additional 1GB before my phone broke, and I have phone calls, messages and phone numbers I need to assess asap.

The Moto G3 can not be activated on the My Choice plan. It can only be activated on the Republic Refund plan.

Thanks. That explains it.

Hi @julin,

I’d like to better understand what your concern is. If you activate your legacy phone to replace the broken phone, we don’t toss aside the money you’ve already paid this month. We prorate the portion you haven’t used and apply that to the activation of the replacement phone.

I see you also have a Help Ticket open on this matter, and I’m working with Corey there to see how we can best assist you.


I’ve wondered about this. I’m on My Choice + 1 GB. I’ve seen on my bill that I could pay for a year at a time for the cost of 10 months. Caveat: “Our annual payment option is only available for our My Choice plan and is non-refundable”… I’ve been hesitant to sign up for this since what happens if my current phone breaks and I have to use my legacy phone (which is Republic Refund) until I get a new phone? From what southpaw said, it sounds like I don’t need to worry about that? I won’t forfeit the My Choice payment since I’ve switched (temporarily) to Republic Refund? Thanks in advance for clarification!

Hi @amyb.s9qnfe ,

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I’ve read back through the topic above and I don’t see any mention previously of Annual Payment. You are correct that it is non-refundable, and moving back to a legacy phone once you’re on Annual Payment would be problematic.

If you were to break your current phone, we ask that you please contact our Help Team prior to activating the legacy (Republic Refund) phone. They would work with you to get the legacy phone activated without losing your Annual Payment, to tide you over briefly until a replacement phone could be obtained.


Thanks! I’ll hold on to this info. I don’t plan to break my phone, but last year my just-over-a-year-old Motorola phone started displaying “ghost touch”. It was cheaper to buy a new phone than to figure out what the problem was, and I was happy to have my legacy phone still around to tide me over until the new phone arrived. At the time I was surprised to be switched back to the Refund plan but I guess it all depends on the hardware. In the next few weeks I’ll probably pay for a year of service to take advantage of the two free months.

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Hi @amyb.s9qnfe,

Do you have a case for the current phone?

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