Change to Dial-in Access to Voicemail

We just posted a Help Update explaining a recent change to dial-in access to voicemail. Please leave your questions and comments here.


better to tell us late that never , but it would have been nice if you told us before it went live (as people had issues accessing the voice mail yesterday due to this)


Why didn’t Republic give us some notification before making this change?


Agree. I’ve wasted a lot of time this morning trying to (a) access my voicemail and (b) figure out what was wrong / changed. Ugh!!! Not good for customer service.


Hi @drm186, @alang.o1pyd1, and @marshallh,

We are a company always looking for ways to improve our services and we often make small changes. Whenever we do so, our members’ needs are carefully considered. The impact of this change, the available documentation, and the impact to our support teams was weighed and has been closely monitored. As we recognized the need for it, a Help Update was posted.

@alang.o1pyd1, I do apologize that this change cost you several hours of frustration, and your feedback has been noted. If there is anything further I can do for you, please DM me.

I hope this change is also going to be mentioned in an email message to subscribers. None of my RW friends and family ever visit the Community.


my only concern here is the fact that documentation and the announcement were both done 24+hours after the change when live when it should have be the other way

it make it look like Republic doesn’t really know what there doing when there document doesn’t have the right way to do something


Hi @drm186,

I can assure you we did not wait 24 hours, and that we’ve been monitoring the situation all along, and will take what we learn each time we try something a little differently and apply it to future experiences.

Our documentation team has updated our documentation to ensure the process for setting or changing a voicemail PIN is clear and searchable. If you see specific wording that is incorrect or out of date, please let me know those specifics.

Thanks. I never visit the community. It would have been nice to get an email in advance of the change. That’s my suggestion for future changes that impact/affect the user interface.


Thank you, @alang.o1pyd1 ,

Although we’d love to see you in Community more often, I’ll certainly make sure that feedback is heard.


If you see specific wording that is incorrect or out of date, please let me know those specifics.

@southpaw@rw I found some odd behavior of the dialer on my G3 (Lollipop) yesterday/today after the VM system change. If dialing VM and** PW is not entered** the phone blocks dialing VM by pressing 1 and/or using recents as a VM dialing method. IOW if I fail to enter correct password each time VM is dialed on the next attempt a VM number, 8056377456, 2146649147, 8557722990 must be dialed. Once PW entered it resets phone’s ability to dial VM by pressing 1 until next time PW not entered.

This may be part of the VM system “security” changes and could result in some members effectively being prevented from accessing their voicemails. This isn’t an issue with my X Pure.


I did not see an announcement or even a post until after 24 hours which mean you showed no action while a few on this board and most likely many more who never in read the boards had issues

monitoring and taking action are 2 different thing and as I said this should have been announce before it went live not after,

I really don’t know what Republic is thinking but with this and the soft launch of CDMA on 3.0 (selling a GSM service then switching without telling the customer before the sale is just wrong I don’r care that the data says CDMA would be a better fix you should tell the customer before the sale and give the option to stay GSM)

the lack of the GSM network notification when 3.0 when live is another communication issue Republic has had (along with the only 24 hours End of activation on Defy

for a communication company Republic needs to learn to communicate to it’s customers better


@southpaw@rw , you closed another thread as I was writing and below is the gist of it.

It may be helpful for people to know 1234 is a valid default password for dial-up access from the phone.

Note: In order to call from a different cell phone or landline, your voicemail password must be something other than the default 1234. Be sure that you have changed the voicemail password.


Hi @williamo.vkbg0s ,

I’m not able to duplicate what you’re describing on the Moto G (3rd Gen) in my household. What does it look like when it “blocks” dialing?

Apparently the documentation was changed early yesterday evening after the system change was made. I agree with you that RW dropped the ball on this one by failing to give some advanced notice. Hopefully they will learn something by this “another” mistake and begin thinking more thoughtfully.

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@southpaw@rw ,

While trying to find a good way to describe the “look” I found out this only occurs when G3 in in airplane mode and of with WiFi enabled. If you find you can duplicate it in that mode it’s not likely to be an issue for the average RW customer. Put my X Pure in the same mode and VM still works as advertised. Thank you.

I see! I can duplicate it in Airplane mode with Wi-Fi enabled. I found that calling any 10-digit number after a failed attempt to access voicemail seems to “reset” whatever is going on. I’ll show it to someone when I’m back in the office and see what they think. Thanks for pointing it out.


Yes, thank you @williamo.vkbg0s !

I have 2 on G3’s, nice catch,


Glad you could also duplicate it. I see now that as you said simply dialing with the 10-digit # resets without the need to enter PW. Found this by chance since I normally use the 10-digit number as it’s saved in my contacts. You’ll are welcome and glad to contribute something positive.


Making a change like this with such little notice is unprofessional. I would go so far as to call it a Comcastic thing to do. I am most disappointed in RW for doing this. My voice mail has been plenty secure enough for the past almost three years.

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