Change your Theme (Forum Color)

Discourse allows us to choose the Theme or Color in the Profile/Preferences…

…for all you rebels out there.


Unfortunately, it does not seem to stick after the session. So you do need to change it each time you login. It defaults to RW Dark Green

Sticks for me.

Closed Chrome browser, shut down Chromebook, Restarted and it’s still RW green. Signed out and back in, still RW green.

Changes to the color and avatar did not stick when I made them this morning but when I did it again in the afternoon they are sticking (so far)

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When I click on “Account” (top right corner of window), then “Account Settings”, and then “Profile”, I do not see the “Theme” option.

It’s under the interface not profile

Hi @fisher99

Click your avatar and then the settings (gear icon). Select Preferences and select Interface in the left column.


This has worked for me since this afternoon. I even changed my avatar picture & it stuck. I’m not to wild about the auto-cropping but it worked somewhat.


Theme changes seem to be sticking for me this morning. Let’s see if it lasts.

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Ah… This is a different “settings” than the “Account settings” that i was trying to use. Works now. Thanks for the info! I find the text way too light for comfortable reading on the default “RW” settings. Much better now.


I really like the nighttime theme. It gets rid of all that white.


Yeah, right now I’m switching between “RW Nightime” and “Discourse Dark”. Both are much easier on my eyes than the standard RW theme.

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