Changed OS and lost


95% of p˙otos but t˙ey’re on my p˙one. Apple ˙elp was involved because as you see, I’ve lost t˙ letter dfg˙ijk. ˙ or Ó in caps! I t˙ink we installed an android interpret but s˙e couldn’t ˙elp me and said it was time to talk to you.


You posted your message to the public Community Forum where other customers can attempt to troubleshot issues with your phone and possibly service.
You can log into the Republic community on a computer and type your message/issue so that we can understand.

I gather your touch screen keyboard is not working and certain letters are not working?
We would need to know what phone model you have.

I would suggest cleaning the screen, and perhaps remove any screen protector you have.
Also, clearing the system cache may help.
You can also install a different 3rd party keyboard.

you also mention Apple?
RW does not support use of any Apple phones.


Also try rotating the screen to portrait mode and see if there is a defective area where those keys are


Hi @marcj.vdkhwj,

Have you been able to get your phone’s keyboard working normally again? Do you also lose photos? Your question was a little difficult to decipher.