Changed SIM cards, lost data


What phone do you have? My daughter has a MotoG4+.
What plan are you on? She has the My Choice Plan.
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data.

Issue Description

Her phone reception was poor, so I opened a help ticket and she received a GSM SIM card to try. It helped with talk and text, but she lost ALL data. I opened another help ticket and was offered a CDMA card. Is there no way to get the data to work with the GSM card? She needs reception AND data.


Hi @betsyz.6ja6u8,

For the Community to provide its best insight regarding the circumstances, we would need a rough idea of where your daughter is using her phone. Would you be willing to share a zip code with us?


She’s at college. Zip is 50677.


This location is in a area where Republic GSM partner does not have towers and is Roaming for Republic (there is no roaming data on the My Choice plans,

the CDMA partner is only good to fair covers (which may be hit and miss for tower connection)


Thank you for the additional context.

Echoing @drm186, Waverly (and most of Iowa) is a bit of an oddity for coverage with Republic’s GSM network partner. Generally, coverage in Iowa via Republic’s GSM partner is provided by iWireless, which is in turn an affiliate of that GSM partner. Said GSM partner has recently completed outright purchase of its affiliate iWireless but coverage is still considered to be provided by a partner (roaming). Eventually, I expect this will change but we’re not there yet. When coverage is roaming (provided by a partner of Republic’s partner) there is no cell data available for Internet access.

CDMA (Sprint) coverage looks to be hit or miss and arguably more miss than hit. That said, the coverage is native (not roaming), so where available so too would be cell data for Internet access.

Lastly, and I don’t say this lightly, you might find coverage to be better in Waverly with AT&T or Verizon. Should you or your daughter decide to investigate that, please know her G4+ is North American factory unlocked and can be activated on those networks.


Thank you! Great explanation. I will have her go back to CDMA for now. Verizon is definitely better coverage in Iowa, so will look into that. I did not know she could use her MotoG4 on Verizon.


You will find some excellent coverage information for all the major cell service providers on this site (zoomed into 50677 zip):

Also, new report on the big 4 providers.


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