Changes to Phone Contacts are only Temporary

I got a new Moto G Play about 1 month ago. Some contacts came over into the new phone I think from my Outlook because none of them have phone numbers attached, and I did not transfer anything into this new phone from another cell phone. This was a new phone number.

My question or issue is, when ever I either add new contacts to the phone, or add phone numbers to the contacts that are anlready on the phone or when I delete some of the very old names that are in the contact list, Or if I try to make any of the contacts “Favorites” .The changes I make are only temporary. Within one day, everything changes back to the original and I loose everything I added or changed. Does anyone know what might be causing this so I will not need to carry around a piece of paper with phone numbers?

Try using the Outlook app to manage your contacts

99% of the time when someone has contacts disappear, they are using some Microsoft email like, or Outlook with the default email app. This only gets better by using the Outlook Android app.

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