Changing from a LTE to 4G plan

I have 3 phones on 4G plans. When I ordered a fourth phone it came to us with a LTE plan. LTE in our area is very poor and the 4G phones work much better. Can I switch this phones plan to 4G? It is a Moto G Play 4th Gen. Ultimately the LTE is not working for us so if this phone will not support 4G what do I have to do or order to get this number on 4G?

To clarify what I mean by 4G is it uses the sprint CDMA network and LTE is it uses the at&t network GSM. I need the phone to use the 4G sprint CDMA network.

Hello @chadg.5th9fo
Just a note that LTE and 4G are the same thing on both Republic’s partners [CDMA (Sprint) and GSM (T-Mobile)
Sounds like you have 3 phones on CDMA and 1 on GSM and would like the GSM moved to CDMA
The Moto G4 Play is compatible with CDMA and therefore can be move to that network, one does this by opening a ticket.


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