Changing from Moto G3 to Moto G6 Play

If I change from Moto G3 to Moto G6 Play will my cell service change from Sprint to something else?

A G6 Play is capable of working on either T-mobile or Sprint. If you buy the phone from RW, it will likely come with a CDMA SIM card which works on Sprint. If you buy it elsewhere, you will first have to activate it with a GSM SIM card (bought separately from RW) which would work on T-mobile…and then if you prefer Sprint you can request a CDMA SIM card by submitting a help ticket.

See here for additional useful info

If you don’t mind sharing your zip code, we can provide additional guidance of the likely SIM card and underlying carrier (Sprint vs T-mobile) you might receive if ordering the phone from RW.

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Looks like you are in “fair coverage” zone for both Tmobile and Sprint…so it is hard to predict which SIM card you might get. If you prefer to get a CDMA card with Sprint coverage…then I would suggest that before you order your phone enter the following zip code in RW’s coverage checker.
50012 before you order the phone…that will ensure that you get your G6 play with a CDMA SIM card.

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