Changing from old phone to Moto 6e

Getting a Moto 6e for my wife – to replace an old Republic phone (size of flip phone but not a flip). Do I need to move her old SIM card to the new phone before activating Republic, or do we need a new SIM?

Hi @jackh.uh826y - from your description it sounds like you are replacing a legacy phone. If so, you cannot transfer the SIM between phones. Here’s an article that lists the legacy phones What are the Republic Wireless Legacy Phones? – Republic Help

If you purchase the Moto E6 from RW it will come with a GSM SIM (T-Mobile). The old phone you are replacing may have been CDMA (Sprint). If you will share your zipcode others on here can tell you which will provide the best coverage. If CDMA (Sprint) provides the best coverage you may want to consider a different phone since the Moto E6 is listed as GSM only.

Hope this helps. Please come back if you have more questions.


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