Changing from Republic Wireless

After many years with Republic WIreless, I plan to change to another carrier because of the lack of coverage in our area, perhaps not a lack of coverage, but the quality of coverage. Sadly, though, I am stuck with Republic until June of next year since I paid on the annual plan. No refunds, folks!

If you ever have any thoughts of changing from Republic Wireless, DON’T get on the annual plan. If not, you are tied to Republic, or else you will lose your money that you paid for the year.

Just a warning.

Yep, I’ve understood that from day one on the annual plan. RW doesn’t hide it. But I thankfully don’t have any coverage problems and don’t anticipate any.

[quote=“joelp.2cb6xy, post:1, topic:37700”]
Sadly, though, I am stuck with Republic until June of next year
[/quote]If you renewed your plan in June this year, you will lose no money by leaving in April because you payed for 10 months to get 12.

I did the same thing with Mint Mobile, ended up quitting about half way through. That’s how these annual plans work throughout the industry.

Not sure what you thought the annual plan was? The word is right in the name, annual. You get a discount, in exchange for a commitment, that’s the entire design of the plan.

That said, have you worked with anyone to try and see if coverage can be improved for you? If not and you’d like to do that can you share your ZIP code where you are and the model phone you have?

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