Changing lock screen on Moto X Pure Edition

I was looking over the accessories page for the Moto X, and noticed the picture used by Republic, had a different lock screen then what I have on my phone. Does anyone know how I can change the lock screen on my phone so it looks like the picture added? Currently when my phone is locked, it just has the time and a lock symbol below it.

The picture used by Republic was not likely taken by Republic staff. It is probably a picture produced by Motorola/Lenovo, and may have a different version of Android. Or, it may have a different launcher app, other than the Google Now launcher.

To add to the information provided by @beachb, I did a Google image search using the picture you provided (just copied the url, selected Images on a previous search, then selected the ‘camera’ which provided the ability to do an image search … following the link provided a picture that matches what you showd.

About 20,500,000 results (1.43 seconds)

Image size:288 × 681

No other sizes of this image found.

Be and guess for this image: motorola droid turbo 2

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