Changing my monthly billing to a different credit card #


I don’t want to put my credit card # on here - out there, but I’d like to change the billing card.
Thank you for the help.


Hi @janetc.ub4nvs

Welcome to the Republic community where users can help each other out. Because we are only fellow users, we don’t have access into your account. However, changing your credit card on file should be easy enough.

You can find out how here with this help article:

A fellow user also has posted info about different payment methods including one called which is great if you want the privacy.


Hi @janetc.ub4nvs,

Were you able to get your billing information updated with the instructions provided?


Have not yet, but would like to now.


May I give you the old # to cancel and also the new # ?


Please let me know when I can update.


Hi @janetc.ub4nvs,

We do not want you to provide your credit card number to the world by posting it here in our member Community. Our support agents cannot update your credit card number for you. It is meant to be entirely a self-service action, so that no one other than you knows the number.

Without revealing any personal information, can you explain where in the instructions that @happywillow0 sent you’re having difficulty? Here is a link again to those instructions: How to Update Your Payment Information – Republic Help


Thank you. It worked for me. :slight_smile:


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