Changing my phone number


If I change my number, will I lose all of my previous, and ongoing text messages and conversations?
If so, is there a way to save those conversations, before I change my phone number?


Changing your phone number will have no impact on any of the content on your phone. You won’t lose anything at all.


Thanks for you prompt reply. Just to be clear; you’re saying I won’t lose anything on my phone (texts), but after I change my phone number, will the people I have been texting need to use my new number in order to continue the text conversation, or will they be able to continue as if I hadn’t changed my number?


When you change your number, the old number is no longer active (or yours). Your contacts must use your new number.


Will saved voicemails transition to the new number as well? Assuming this topic question is concerning self service option members have to change their number using phone account options Thanks.



Yes, the line isn’t deactivated, the number is simply changed.


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