Changing old sim card to a newer phone?

I am looking to get a new phone because my old one was submerged in salt water. Can you just buy a new phone and put in your old sim card in it, or is there more to it. Or would the sim card be damaged because of the saltwater.

Hi @robertc.n32gqv,

I’m sorry to hear your phone went for a swim. Ordinarily a SIM would survive a bath but, if it were me with salt water, I’d replace both it and the phone. A phone purchased from Republic will include a SIM. If you choose to source a supported phone elsewhere, you’ll need the SIM available here: Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless.

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thank you, If I buy a phone on the republic website and it already has a sim card how do I activate it and deactivate my old phone?

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You’re most welcome! Regardless of how you choose to activate a replacement for your current phone, activation will take place on the new phone via the Republic app.

Upon receipt of the new phone and/or SIM, you’ll start the activation process. Republic offers a great walkthrough here: Some additional activation guidance here: Activate Your Phone – Republic Help. You will be prompted to sign into the appropriate Republic account. At step 9, you will be presented with the opportunity to move your current number from old to new phone. Continue through the activation process, then you’re all set! Your old phone will be simultaneously deactivated.

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