Changing Ownership to Reactivate Phone

My wife took my Moto E off of her account, and the phone is now deactivated. When I try to reactivate it say “only owner can make changes to account”. I don’t understand. I thought she got rid of my phone. How can I reactivate my phone?

sound like her account may have been the primary account try login in to her old account and see if it will let you activates as a replacement for your phone (only the Primary account can do this)

If your email address was set up as a secondary or assigned user on your wife’s account, I would recommend trying to

reactivate the phone using a brand new Google ID.

If that doesn’t work, please submit a help ticket

How can I reactivate my phone?

You would need to create a new RW account with your own login, billing info, etc. Should then the be able to reactivate the phone using your account information. If you’ve already tried that your current email might be causing RW to associate it to her account.

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