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i want to get a new phone number. i started the process on the website but noticed that a new area code in my state/location does not appear as an option in the choices. can it be added and how long will it take?

Hi @13iron,

Republic might or might not one day be able to offer numbers in this new area code. Would you care to share the area code in question?

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its in ny… 838 is the new area code

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838 appears to be an overlay Area Code for 518 (which appears to have some numbers available)
upstate New York

The 518 area code covers all or part of 17 counties in eastern upstate New York, serving communities in the capital region of Albany and surrounding areas, such as Plattsburgh and Lake Placid. The new 838 area code will serve the same geographic area currently served by the existing 518 area code.

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Hi @13iron,

From what I’m able to tell the 838 area code has been active since the fall of 2017. @jben is correct, the 838 area code is an overlay of area code 518. Republic seems to have an ample supply of 518 area code numbers. Out of curiosity, is there a reason for wanting area code 838?

The above said, much like Republic partners with T-Mobile or Sprint for cellular coverage, Republic has a partner for phone number hosting. That partner is Republic’s former corporate parent It appears Bandwidth has numbers in area code 838 but not many relatively speaking.

It’s entirely possible Bandwidth simply isn’t making 838 area code numbers available to partners like Republic at this time. Anveo, the wholesale VoIP provider I use, also partners with Bandwidth for number hosting. Anveo isn’t offering 838 numbers either.

Theoretically, Republic might ask Bandwidth for access to 838 area code numbers but even so Bandwidth may not be supply them. Bottom line; on your question as to if/when Republic might have access to area code 838 numbers, it’s an unknown.

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