Changing phones and transferring number from old phone to new

I have a motorola E on Republic service. I purchased a Motorola g6 play from Republic and now I need to put my number to my new phone. The old phone is also Republic

All you need to do is follow this document!

This is a visual document… Activate | Republic Wireless


My bew phone activated without me shutting it down and restarting it so it gave me a new number. I want to transfer my old number as I have done it in the past

Hi @cynthiac.38a1cd,

Typically, this happens when using a Republic account other than the one housing your old phone. The solution is a do over. To do so.

  1. Cancel service to the new number on the new phone: How to Cancel Your Service – Republic Help.
  2. Reactivate the new phone, this time being certain to sign in using the email address linked to the Republic account housing the phone you’re upgrading. If uncertain about that email address, it’s the one receiving monthly billing statements for the old phone.

If upon canceling the service to the new number on the new phone, Republic notifies you that a ticket has been created for you, please share the ticket number with us. You will not be able to reactivate the new phone and move your current number until cancellation of the new number on the new phone completes.

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