Changing Phones From Moto To Samsung

I am considering changing from the Moto E4 Plus phone that I currently have to a Samsung Galaxy A11 which I will be buying myself. Will the SIM card in the Moto work in the Samsung or do I need to receive a new one from you? Also, if I do have to get a new SIM card how would I keep the same number I have on my phone?

It’s not a matter of phone brand. To determine if the SIM from your Moto E4 Plus would move to another Republic compatible phone, please see here:

If a new SIM is necessary, moving the number from old to new SIM is a matter of following Republic’s guidance linked here:

Since you mention sourcing the new phone elsewhere, you might find this to be of interest:

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The Moto E4 is not charging so I cannot get to the Republic Wireless app to see if the SIM is GSM or CMDA and there is no information like that when I sign in to my Republic Wireless account. The phone I’m looking for is GSM.

The Samsung Galaxy A11 is a phone listed as a phone currently available in your online store but not on the BYOP list. Can I still get the phone myself?

You can bring a Samsung Galaxy A11 to Republic Wireless as a BYOP device. From

We support only the North American factory unlocked version of this phone, model number SM-A115U1. Models without the “1” are not compatible with Republic. Some vendors will list this phone by the Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN): SM-A115UZKAXAG or SM-A115UZKAXAA.

Where are you looking at a BYOP list that fails to include a phone in our current online store? I’d like to get that fixed.

If you’re looking at a used phone and it’s listed as being “for GSM” then it is most likely not compatible with our service. That typically means the phone is not the North American Factory Unlocked version of the phone.

If you wouldn’t mind letting me know the very last digit of the phone number of the phone you’re replacing, I can let you know whether your current SIM card can be moved to the new phone or whether you’ll need a new SIM card.

This is the link to the list of BYOP phones.

I have decided to order a Samsung through Republic Wireless to avoid additional hassles even though it wasn’t in the color I wanted. So can the SIM card in my current Moto E4 Plus be moved to the incoming Samsung or do I need to get a new card or will one come with it?

The last number on the phone to be replaced is “5”.

Thanks @andrew.zkxdug,
The A11 is listed in the top portion of that article.

Since you’re ordering from our online store, your new phone will come with a SIM card installed.

Please send the link or instructions on keeping my number the same. Will I be charged for setting up a replacement phone and if I did would it be the full amount or retroactive since my billing date would only be a few days away from the time I’m expected to receive it? Thanks.

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