Changing phones

My stepfather use to have a plan with republic but cancelled it a year ago and left me his phone. My phone doesn’t work now, and I wanted to see if I could just transfer my broken phone to the phone my stepdad left me since it works fine and it already is set up for republic. Can I do that, and how do I do that? Thanks.

Hi @danm.a1f6zd,

The general answer is yes. Without knowing which phone your broken phone is and what phone your stepfather gave you, the best I’m able to do is provide general information.

Best practice since you weren’t the previous user of the gifted phone would be to Factory Reset that phone. Post reset, it’s a matter of following on screen prompts to Activate My Phone. When presented the opportunity, select to replace your current phone. The replacement choice will move your number (and probably your plan) to your new to you phone.

Thanks. I will try this. My phone is a Moto G and I wanted to move to a Moto X.

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