Changing Plan on Moto E 1st Gen with Republic 1.0

One line on my account is a 1st Gen MotoE on the Rebulic 1.0

The phone has been on the $5 Wifi-only plan while my inlaws used it in China, but they are coming back to the USA on Wednesday so I need to switch them to the $10 Wifi+Cell Talk&Text. I just switched their plan a few minutes ago and already received the confirmation email from RW about the switch.

Here’s my question: I am assuming that if the phone is connected to wifi in China that it will receive the info from RW telling it that the plan is ready to update, although the the actual activation will be impossible at that point because it won’t be in range of a Sprint Cell Tower.

Here’s my question:

If my assumption above is correct, will the phone automatically activate once it is turned on within range of a US Sprint tower, or will it also need to have a wifi connection in the USA for cell activation?

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In theory, it should just work. My experience is theory and reality aren’t always the same thing. You may want to provide them with the so-called “magic six” troubleshooting steps should there be issues as they step onto U.S. soil:

Restart the phone.

Perform a VoIP Reset:

Tap the Phone icon.
Tap the Dialer icon.
Dial ##8647##
The dialer will disappear. If an activation screen appears, wait for the process to finish, then tap GREAT THANKS!. The Republic Wireless notification icon may disappear briefly then reappear. If the icon does not reappear after one minute, restart your phone.

Update the PRL (Preferred Roaming List):

Tap Apps.
Select Settings.
Under System, select System Update.
Select Update PRL.
After the update is complete, tap OK.

Wipe Sprint Settings:

Open the Phone app.
Dial ##72786#
If prompted, tap Yes to confirm. Please do not be concerned by any warning. No harm will come to personal data stored on your phone. Despite said warning, this step is nothing more than a refresh of your phone’s credentials with Sprint’s servers.

Completing the next steps are crucial or your phone will not work on cellular:

Tap Apps.
Select Settings.
Under System, select System Update.
Select Update Profile.
After the update is complete, tap OK.

Your phone should automatically restart after completing the Profile update. If not, please manually restart your phone.

Generally, we advise the above be done on WiFi and again, in theory, it could be done now while your in-laws are still in China (presuming The Great Firewall cooperates).

If necessary updating the PRL, wiping Sprint settings and a Profile update may all be done on strong native Sprint coverage (3 bars or better) if WiFi is unavailable immediately after return to the U.S.


Thanks @rolandh

If it doesn’t work, then I will send them those “magic six” steps.

Thanks again.


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