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How and who do I notify on my plans to change carriers? How do I port over my existing phone number to the new carrier and new phone? My billing is towards the end of the month, If I do this within the week is there a credit I receive back? How and what do I have to do to cancel the account once everything is ported over to the new phone carrier and phone?


You don’t need to say anything to Republic.

When porting out of Republic you can find your account number by going to and then under the phone you want to move select “I Want To” and then “Transfer My Number Out” to see your account number. You’ll also need to create or set your PIN following the directions here: How to Transfer Your Number from Republic Wireless – Republic Help You’ll have to ask your new carrier for their process to port your number

You do not receive a credit back for unused time. When you transfer out any remaining time is lost.

You don’t have to do anything to cancel, when your number ports out your line automatically cancels.

Out of curiosity, what’s causing you to leave Republic?

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T-Mobile has a special for $27.50 PP for age 55 or older that gives you 5G with no monthly contract and that is a big saving for my wife when combined.

Yeah, I got that offer too. It’s an incredible deal for unlimited data but I wonder how much all of the taxes and fees add up to.

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