Changing underlying number

How do I get my underlying number changed? I’m getting 7-10 unsolicited calls a day since I changed phones and went on. 30 plan.

Hi @hossie,

Our Help Team is always glad to make this change for any member who is receiving a lot of unwanted calls to the cellular routing number. They just need to coordinate with you for a time when you’re on WiFi and available to take some steps on your phone once they’ve made the change in our system.

It looks like you asked one of our Experts this same question last night, but then didn’t continue the conversation. Were you able to see his follow-up questions?

I can take care of changing the cellular routing number now, if you’re on WiFi and plan to remain on WiFi for a few minutes. Could you open the Republic app briefly and let me know when you’ve done so?


Hi @hossie,

I’m afraid I need to go offline for a while. I’ll check in with you tomorrow to see if you’re available to have this number changed.

Sorry, but I was apparently away from phone when this came last night. I attempted to answer the previous community respondent, but guess it didn’t go out. I’m ready this morning, but it’s Saturday morning and you’re probably not available now. Guess we’ll get it done later. Thx!

Hi @hossie, I’m back online for a while - in the office cleaning out the old Community Treasure chest… by the way, do you have a case for your phone??

Let me know when you’re around, I’ll try to keep an eye on this as I work.

I’m home, on wifi. Ready when you are.

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Yes, on the case

Thanks @hossie,

I’ve made the change. You’ll just need to do the following to sync the phone to the changes I’ve made: How to Refresh the Republic Wireless Activation – Republic Help

Thanks for your help. You need to go home now🤗

Ha! But there’s so much STUFF in the Community Treasure chest… I’ve got to figure out how to get it to people who’ll use it.

Have a case for a Moto G Play or a Moto E4? My daughter’s and wife’s.

Hi @hossie,

I do…

I’ll send you a separate reply by personal message so I can confirm your address. (Although you’re viewing my replies in your e-mail and replying by e-mail, the conversation is taking place in the Community conversation you began at Changing underlying number, so please don’t send your address in reply to this message.)

For others reading along and wondering if the old Community Treasure Chest has something in it for them, you’ll have to wait… our next Community Challenge will give everyone an opportunity to win a little something. Watch our #challenges category for challenge 34 to be posted sometime in the next 2 weeks.

I know it’s a pain, but BLOCK all of those numbers. And DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE. It will take some time, but those solicitors will stop calling. If you change your number then everything you have put your phone number on, and then all of your friends/contacts will have to know of your change. Good luck, but I wouldn’t change your number. Now, that will be more of a hassle than it’s worth.

Hi @brandond.usdgii,

Thanks for chiming in with some good advice! Just for clarity’s sake, the number @hossie and I were discussing changing is not the Republic Wireless phone number that you’d give to all your contacts. It’s a cellular routing number that Republic uses to deliver calls to your phone when your phone is away from WiFi. That number can change at any time anyway, so no one should be giving it out as a contact number.

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