Charged data for calls twice?

I just began My Choice with 1 G. I see Gmail used 8.33 mb. That is what I use for emails. Is that different from talk and text ?

Hi @jamesw.1v9was,

Your My Choice plan with 1 GB of data includes unlimited “talk and text” - that’s calling with the “phone” app and texting using a text messaging app like Anywhere :anywhere: or Messages :messages:

Internet use for things like Gmail or surfing the internet with Chrome requires a data connection. Wi-Fi data (like connecting to your home network or a public network somewhere like McDonald’s) doesn’t count against what you buy from us. Cellular data when there’s no Wi-Fi available comes out of that 1 GB of data you’ve bought.

So if you used 8.33 mb of data checking your E-mail when you were away from Wi-Fi, then that comes out of the 1 GB of data you bought for $5. It’s not related to the talk and text portion of the plan that provides calling and texting.

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