Charger and cable for Moto X (1st gen)


What charger and cable do I need to purchase for my Moto X (1st gen) phone ?
What are the correct specs for a 3rd party charger and cable?


the first Gen Moto X does not have quick charge 2.0/3.0/4.0 so there no need for a “Turbo charger” or any charger that meets those specs
the Moto X does have quick charge 1.0 which means it will not take more amperage than it can handle (about 1.6 Amps) so any standard charge should work. A 1 Amp charger will work but not as fast as a 1.6 Amp one would (you will not find many 1.6 Amp out there but a 2 Amp will work and the phone will limit the amperage to the battery)
due to cheap knock offs in the market I would stick to known brands (Anker, Belkin, other OEMs)
something like this
OEM Motorola Charger from Amazon
Amazon search with OEM Motorola Charger

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