Charger is using up the battery instead of charging it

charger is using up the battery instead of charging it! I thought it was doing that the other day, and unplugged it and then it showed it was actually charging it. Today it was getting lower and lower the longer I left it plugged in.

  • What is ‘it’ (what phone are you using?)
  • Have you tried a different charger or charge cable?

I did use a different charger the other day. I have a moto G5plus.

Did you also change the charging cable at the same time?

yes I did

Ok, thanks for the prompt answers, now a couple more questions :frowning:

  1. Is there a possibility that it is just a reporting problem and not real?
    • Can you re-boot and then check the charge percentage? (there are reports that in some cases it will go to 100% if it is fully charged)
  2. Unhooked from the charger can you access Settings/Battery then drill to usage details to check
    • Dose it remain the same or jump up to fully charged?

turned off and waited 15 min. no change in batt charge amount.

usage chart shows 3 days ago. 100% down to 75%. white gap. 75% almost straight down to 20%. Straight up to 100%and down to 50. white gap. sraight up and down then to 100 down to 50. white gap. then 50 straight line down to about 20% then a couple of dots lower.

69% apps since last full charge

  • Were you able to check for any high usage app? ( I don’t have a G5, and there are always variances between models)
  • Could you boot up in Safe Mode, and then try the charger?

the only appI use a lot is overdrive (book from library that is downloaded. Says 30%. I thought since the book was downloaded, that it doesn’t use any excess data or battery.

I found another charger that I am trying now.

WAIT ! I moved the direction of the plug and now it says 60%. Looks like the plug can fit both ways. But that meant it was actually charging when it said 16%. ??

uh oh now it says 58%.

I think I better unplug it now so I can have use of it during work today.

just in case…have you tried another cord? They can go bad. And a bunch of my devices won’t charge well with long cords…6 ft. long is usually my limit, or they just discharge while I’m using the device plugged in.
I have a Moto G5 plus, and that uses a microUSB cord…they can only be plugged in one way.


I echo the comment from @jumphour, and the Micro-USB cable usually has a image to indicate which side is up

Moto G5 plus, and that uses a micro USB cord…they can only be plugged in one way

i meant the two prong plug to the outlet.

Thanks, got it, I have never seen that cause a problem, but there is always someone that gets to be first :slight_smile:

I know this is a dumb response, but it happened to me. My Moto X4 failed to charge a couple of times and I could not figure it out. It would charge on one charger I had but not the other. Checked the obvious charger plugged in, Right type of plug and turn the plug over to see if that was it. None worked. I thought I would need a new charger. Then I discovered the problem wrong cord plugged into the charger.

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