Charger plug Microusb doesn't fit ? No connection

I have a 1st Gen Moto G phone that he charger has stopped working.

It seems like the microusb plug on the cord isn’t fully engaging on the interior tab of the microusb port.

What to do?

Time for a new phone?

Hi @stevep.bb8csc!

Well, there are a few options you could take. Option 1: send it to Motorola for a repair. This will cost you $100+. Option 2: Find a local repair shop (I.e. CPR) and get an estimate from them. Option 3: buy a new device. Ultimately, the most economical option would probably be buying a replacement Moto G1. If you decide to buy a “new” Moto G1, make sure it’s a Republic version and not an unlocked one. You could also check out the new 3.0 phones and plans and see if any of those interest you. Hope that helps!


@stevep.bb8csc ,

Recommend you first use good lighting to check the port for debris such as lint and then try another charging cable.

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