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I have a Moto G legacy phone and am on the $10 plan. During a recent trip to Portugal I changed the plan to the $5 wifi only plan as advised. Can someone explain to me why I had an additional charge when I downgraded the plan and another charge when I switched back to the $10 plan again?

International Travel with a Republic Phone

Hi @elainek.lkp2dk,

I’ve moved your question to its own topic since it’s really a billing question rather than an international travel question.

Our Community members cannot see into your account to explain the charges, but I can describe the process in general terms:

When you downgrade, your account is refunded a pro-rated amount for any remain days of your billing cycle on the $10 plan. It is then charged a pro-rated amount for those same days on the $5 plan. So, just to make the math easy, if you changed plans halfway through your billing cycle, you’d get a refund for half of your $10 plan ($5) and you’d be charged for half of the $5 plan ($2.50). So you should end up with just a $2.50 credit on your account.

Then when you upgraded again, the same thing would happen, but the other way around. Let’s say you upgraded with just 6 days (1/5) of your billing cycle left. You’d be refunded for 1/5 of the $5 plan ($1) and charged for 1/5 of the $10 plan ($2). That would result in a $1 charge. Since you would have a $2.50 credit on the account, it would leave you a $1.50 credit.

Of course, I’ve simplified everything by ignoring tax, but taxes are supposed to be credited and charged on the same pro-rated basis so that everything works out fairly.

However, we very recently fixed a bug that was impacting how taxes were calculated during these plan swaps. If you think you were charged in error, by all means, open a support ticket and let our billing team take a look. Our billing agents are always willing to review the account and correct any billing mistakes they can find, when they are in the member’s favor.


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