Charging Issue Moto G

My Moto G has stopped charging. Seem the electrical connection has failed. Using many different power sources/cables, no joy. Sometimes if I push a cable just right it will connect and charge. Also, cleaned the connections.

My guess is that the circuit board is cracked. Buy a new phone if you don’t mind the 3.0 plans. If you want to stay on the old plans then buy a used phone off Swappa or Ebay to replace it. Just make sure you get the Republic version if you are buying a used phone. I would stay away for any used Republic phone that doesn’t have 16GB of memory.

Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones

One more thing, if the phone is less than two years old and you bought the phone with a credit card, the credit card company may extend your warranty for another year over the manufactures warranty.


Very disappointing this phone has only lasted 3 years.

Just started having this same issue this week. Can see the little lightning bolt that it should be charging but the display doesn’t say charging nor does it actually charging. Have you tried an induction charger by chance? That was my last ditch before resorting to the possibility of getting something else. If I’d realised it was about become a POS I would have gotten another cheap plan phone during the clear out sale.

No, did not try induction. But was able to use a different brand home charger to work. ZINI, 2.1amp from Amazon. Car chargers still do not work with phone.

Thanks. Reading more on induction doesn’t look like that’s an option without a patch card that has to use the micro usb port anyway. Have tried at least 10 chargers/cables and outlet/pc combinations so we have a new mirco usb charging port on order and a nice electrical smart person who will weld it in for us. Here’s hoping!

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Sometimes this happens when pocket lint gets into the charging port.

Not if you have a case that keeps ports covered.

Some cases are known to keep the charging cable from being fully inserted. I suppose you tried charging it without the case.

OtterBox cases don’t cover close to ports. They designed nice openings. Wouldn’t work with a set in charger but not a problem with cables.

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