Charging phone in peru

I’m traveling to Peru. Is my moto g phone a dual voltage device, or will I need some type of converter to be able to charge it? Peru has 220 voltage.

Hi @susannes
I don’t find an adapter specific for Peru but this one covers most of the world 100v to 250v. I would question the seller on Amazon.
Travel Adapter 4.5A 4 USB Charging Worldwide All in One Universal Power Adapter
Travel Adapter, JOOMFEEN Worldwide All in One Universal Power Converters
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Your phone charger should note the voltage rating on it. Most phone chargers accept 100V to 240V.
You may need a pin adapter…but internet reports such as this link claim that most sockets in Peru are designed to accept the US 2-pin plugs.


take a look at the fine print on the charging cable most phone chargers are rated for 110-220 Volts (60/50 Hz)
If this is the case then all you will need is a apter to plug in to the outlets they use
if you it is not you will need a transformer inverter to use the that charger

I will note that the phone itself uses a 5V at about 1.5 amps that is the standard for most standard phone chargers around the world (USB provides this type of power
one can get a cheap plug in most airports and shops that will work in local outlets

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