Charging Pop-up when plugging in/unplugging phone


I have the Motorola G5plus and just a few days ago this annoying pop up happens every time I plug in or unplug my phone. I checked my rescent app updates and YouTube was the only recently updated app that was not pre installed in my phone.
Does anyone know how to stop this?
I looked online and go apps are often the culprit, but I have never installed any of their apps. The other most common culprit is the Kitty Play app, which I also do not have.
I also tend to stay away from widgets, customization apps, and cleaning because they are notorious for weird adds.



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I hate these hidden ads. I want to say that it could be added to an app but not activated which means it doesn’t necessarily mean it is from a “recently” updated app.

A quick idea, when this pops up, do you have access to the multi-tasking button? You can try pressing it and if you are able, it hopefully will show you which app is running.

You may also have luck using a ad detector. Something like the following app can see which other apps include ads so you might be able to narrow it down.


Oh, I never thought to check which apps might be running. That was really good advice! I found out it was sleep mate and uninstalled the app, and the pop up is gone now. Thank you so much for your help!