Charging Port not connecting to charge

I am using a Moto G Play. When the problem started I could fiddle with pushing the plug in harder or slightly moving it up or down and it would work but was very finicky. Now it will not connect to charge at all no matter how I position the plug. Is this a problem that is worth fixing? The lowest cost I’ve found for a possible repair is $89 and I don’t know if it is worth putting that money into a $150 phone. I did try cleaning out the port but didn’t find any lint in it. Help.

Hi @mahinan.besrsw,

Ultimately it’s your call as to whether it’s worth sinking more than half the cost of a new phone into keeping this one running. You might want to consider other factors as well, such as how much available memory is available on this older phone, what battery life is like, and how much longer the apps you really need will continue to be compatible with the older operating system.

One thing I do want to be sure you’ve tried, though, is a different charger and cable. I’ve had several phones in my household that seemed to have failing charging ports and then we’d try a different charger and find that the charger was the problem all along. :crossed_fingers:


Thank you. I just tried the new charger I ordered and it too is unable to charge. I guess it is time to get a new phone. Do you happen to know how I sync contacts so that I don’t lose all that data?

Before you pitch the phone, try canned air in the port. Lint builds up, and blocks the pins.

Got a strong light and magnifying glass? You might just see something… use a toothpick to gently flick it out.

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If you use a computer and log into using the same Google account (gmail) on your phone, do you see your contacts? If so, they will sync to your new phone when you sign into the same Google account on that phone.

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My family and I have had several Motorola phones with the same problem. We all switched to Samsung phones and we are all much happier.

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