Chase ATM call that did not go to voice mail

I received a call from “ChaseATM■■■■■■■■■■■■■ and i ignored it for as long as i could. it never went to voicemail and kept on ringing on my phone so i denied it finally after at least 20 rings. Im wondering if this is tied into something fraudently forcing people to answer the phone or if something else bad might be going on

Hi @caitlync,

Have you confirmed that other calls since this happened do go to voicemail? It’s more likely a glitch than some sort of functionality that allows scammers to avoid their calls going to voicemail.

yes i have. my voicemail is working just fine. what disturbed me is the caller id was ChaseATM with an 800 number. How many ATM’s call folks that you know of? I was afraid of what might have happened had i answered the call as it just kept ringing

Interestingly, and I speak as a former banker, ATMs do have phone numbers. Similar to credit card terminals, it’s how they’re connected to the network. That said, no an ATM doesn’t make outbound calls.

It is, however, relatively easy to spoof Caller ID information. By definition, when one sees a toll-free number calling them, the Caller ID is being spoofed. Toll-free numbers are capable of receiving but not making calls. Caller ID spoofing isn’t inherently bad. Though often abused by spammers, Caller ID spoofing has legitimate uses. If a legitimate toll-free number owner wants folks potentially calling back to see their toll-free number, Caller ID spoofing is the only way to make that happen.,

Nothing bad happens merely by answering any phone call. In the described circumstance, I’d suggest answering then immediately hanging up. It’s also possible the call was legitimately originating from Chase’s ATM department rather than something purporting to be an ATM machine.

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Thanks, I was much more concerned because it kept ringing that it was some sort of attempt to hack my phone as I am not a chase customer

Hi @caitlync,

I appreciate the concern and grant the endless ringing without the call going to voicemail is odd. I would just like to offer reassurance for you and anyone else reading, there is no way to hack a phone just by calling it. And, should one choose to answer, one would need to provide the party calling with information. Answering then immediately hanging up or answering but not providing any information to the party calling won’t compromise your phone.

Some say answering what appears to be a spam call will increase the likelihood of future spam calls because in answering one has confirmed their phone number is in service. The reality is this is a myth. Whether one chooses to answer a spam call or not has no effect on the amount of spam calls one receives.

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Thank you I just wanted to be sure it wasnt compromised

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