Chat icon just spins/map: zip 80807 ok I get no bars Moto X1st gen/ $200/yr 1Gb/mo w this phone?

ISSUE 1: I’m logged on to my account at the website and when I click ‘start chat’ the little spinny icon starts spinning but the chat never starts, the icon just… keeps… spinning

ISSUE 2 I am currently in Burlington Colorado, zip code 80807. THe coverage map sasys I have coverage but I have no bars on my Moto X Gen1.Is this because I have to roam on Verizon this far from Denver and my Moto X is incompatible withVerizon current technology ?

Issue 3: I want to go to the $200/year 1GB/month plan, do I need to upgrade my phone for that ? CAn I just upgrade my plan and that will make me eligible for the $200/year plan? I already asked about this on a previous ticket and the only answer I got was 'your plan isn’t elegible for the $200/yr deal… so like, hello, could you please explain how to switch plans if that’s what I need to do?

To clarify, you’re able to complete the information requested in the form after clicking “Chat with us” but then clicking “Start Chat Now” fails?

The coverage map I’m looking at does confirm roaming. Roaming may or may not be with Verizon. Roaming coverage is determined by the arrangements made by Republic’s cellular network partner (in this case Sprint) and whomever their roaming partner for a given area is. Republic is not a party to roaming agreements between its cellular network partners and their partners, therefore, roaming coverage is not guaranteed and always best effort. That said, there are troubleshooting steps one might take to potentially improve the experience, however, one should be in an area of native coverage when doing so. Nevertheless, you might try:

My apologies for any confusion. Annual prepay requires a My Choice plan. My Choice plans only work with Republic’s newer compatible phones. Just as your grandfathered plan would not work with a newer phone, a My Choice plan will not work with your Moto X1.

If you wish to avail yourself of annual prepay, you would need to upgrade your phone.

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"To clarify, you’re able to complete the information requested in the form after clicking “Chat with us” but then clicking “Start Chat Now” fails?

Sorry for the confusion. I click on “CHAT WITH US” and the spinny icon spins. I never get a chance to fill out any information, the chat option fails before it starts.

Do I need to upgrade my phone? Am I trying to roam on Verizon this far from Denver (Kansas/Colorado border due east of Denver) with an incompatible phone?

I opened a ticket and this is the answer I got:

" Thank you for reaching out to us. We understand that you are interested in the annual plan option. We are sorry to say that only service lines on the My Choice (4.0) plans are eligible for the annual payment option. Currently, you are on our 1.0 plan, which is why you do not see the option. For more information:

If you have any questions, please let us" etc.

Well, I THOUGHT I DID LET YOU KNOW THE FIRST TIME. I WANT THE PLAN HOW DO I GET IT? DO i just upgrade my plan? My phone? Both ?

You would need to buy a newer phone compatible with the My Choice 4.0 plans:

Hi @brucem.s6ifki,

I’ve tried to merge all your questions into your previous topic, so we can focus the conversation in a single place.

If you’re currently in an area with spotty coverage and trying to access chat on your phone, that might be the problem. We’re not seeing a global issue with Chat. You could open a ticket, but if your questions are the same questions you’ve asked here, we can answer them here.

Please let us know if the other answers you’ve received don’t answer your questions.

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