Chat Requests show up, click touching screen, they just disappear

I get Chat requests on my phone, i touch the icon and it just disappears, what app is associated with chat?

I don’t remember how to do this on Lollipop but in Marshmallow/6.0 you go to Settings->Apps. In that window tap the gear icon in the top-right of the screen and then tap ‘Default Apps’ to see a list of which apps have been assigned to which tasks.

I have Hangouts installed but it doesn’t show up there so I went to Settings->Apps and tapped ‘App permissions’ at the top of the page. I figured “chat” requires access to the microphone and there were only 12 apps with that permission. Sure enough Hangouts is listed in that group but its permission is set to disabled. Do you see any apps that look like they are for chat?

{Edit} And here is something I dug up but didn’t add to my reply.:

If you can’t find out where the chat requests are coming from or if you want them to go one app in particular then look at this –

How To Remove, Change, Or Set Default Apps In Android

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