Cheap phone needed for teen- please help!


I got an email earlier in November for the Moto G (3rd Generation) cell phone for only $99 or $129. I just tried to buy one of them and both are SOLD OUT. I am super bummed! Any idea if either one of these will come back in stock any time soon and if it will be this same price!? Am I able to buy a used Moto G (3rd generation) from someplace like Ebay and use Republic Wireless service with it? I just need something cheap for my teen. PLEASE help!


Hi @lindsayp.mydbdy

Iā€™m afraid all the Moto G (3rd Gen.) phones have been sold out. Since Motorola no longer manufactures this phone, restocking is not possible at this time.

You can find used Republic Wireless phones on e-commerce sites such as eBay or

Here is a link to the guide for buying and selling used Republic Wireless phones:

If you have any further questions, please ask.



as @johnny5 points out the Moto G 3rd is out of stock and out of production (the reduced price was an inventory clear out

for any one looking for a 2.0 plan (or a replacement phone for a 1.0 plan line) on needs to look at the secondary market

for a cheap 3.0 phone there a few option but for the most part the Moto G4 Play is the lowest cost for a BYOD ($149) and Amazon has a ad version for Prime members for only $99 one will need a Republic SIM Moto G Play (4th gen.) ($149) - Black - 16 GB Moto G Play (4th gen.) Prime Add version ($99) Black - 16 GB ā€¦ Republic Wireless Starter Prepaid Carrier or Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless

3.0 uses a GSM network

here are the 3.0 plans No Contract Cell Phone Plans without the hidden fees | Republic Wireless