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I have had Republic Wireless service for years now and need to buy a phone for a family member going through a tough time. I plan on doing the least expensive plan just so there is some form of communication. After looking at the phone options I thought I would ask if anyone knows of a compatible phone that is on super sale or clearance. It doesn’t really need to be much more than call and text. All of my old RW phones were replaced because they were damaged. Thanks.

The Alcatel A30 is fine for talk and text and most other things (web browsing can be slow). it only works on the Republic Wireless GSM carrier. Service plans start at $15/month. Go through Shop Android phones and connected home devices | Republic Wireless and make sure it is available in the geographic area of the person using it.

another option is to look for an old Legacy phone in the 3rd party market (eBay, Swappa)
the Legacy plans have a $10 option with Cell Voice and text
Legacy phones are the Republic Custom Rom versions of the Moto X 1st, Moto X 2nd, Moto E 1st, Moto E 2nd, Moto G 1st and Moto G 3rd

The B&H offer that includes $25 off phone, free SIM and 6 months of free service. You can get a phone & service from $85, that’s the Moto G4 Play…

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