Check how much cell data used on all lines on my account


is there a way on the Republic App to check the data usage on all lines on my account, not just my phone number, but my sons number too


No, the only way to check billable data usage is with the Republic app on individual phones.


Is this being looked at to implement on the account side of things? Clearly it’s tied to that, for billing purposes. It should simply be a matter of displaying it. For those who have multiple phones on one account, this would be greatly appreciated.


Right now, the only thing available is the email invoice that you get on your billing date.
At the bottom of the email, it lists the Cellular data usage for each line of service in the past thirty days.

Or, looking at the each individual phone’s RW App for data usage within the current billing cycle.

Better account management tools including plan changes, adding data, etc have been on the wish list for quite some time. Not sure when they will be added to the online Account interface.


those all seem like basic fundamental expectations for the account owner to be able to do. Seems like it should be a no brainer for the Account owner to be able to look at and manage each phone on the account from either a login page or from his own phone.


Completely agree. That is one of the reasons I moved my daughter’s phone line from Republic to Twigby. I didn’t like that I had no way of keeping track of her cell data usage unless I had her phone in my hand.


@kyleneo , Look into the app “My Data Manager” (it’s free). My wife and I used it to keep tabs on our shared data plan with our old provider. But should help you keep an eye on your son’s usage. You install it one phone, set up the app/account and link the other phone(s). You are able to see the data usage of the other phone(s).

The only downside is, it starts tracking when it gets installed. So if you are 1/2 into this billing period, you won’t have real numbers, until the start of the next cycle.


It’s cool that there is an app to help with this…someone is at least taking advantage of a created opportunity. However, it still does not change the fact that the account owner should have the ability for full disclosure already …be able to make changes without jumping through a bunch of hoops. I stand by my original statement and complaint. It is a no brainer to give that oversight and control to the account owner who is responsible for the bill…and really should not be that hard to do. Others do it!