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wikia-title-1.pngThe Republic Wireless Wiki is a community-member-maintained set of web pages with information about Republic’s phones and services that supplements what’s found at Republic’s own website. Republic Wireless does not sponsor the Wiki nor officially sanction any of its content.

If you’ve been aware of the wiki for but not looked at it for a while, some of the familiar content has been recently revised, and there’s new material as well. Here’s the highlights of recent additions, changes and the more popular pages.

Recent Additions

Community ambassador @rolandh has written these excellent guides for overcoming commonly mentioned limitations:

NEW! Porting Guides for Transferring Your Number to Republic
How to get the information needed to transfer a phone number from another carrier.
NEW! Transferring a Republic Number to a Service Provider That Refuses Landlines
How to transfer your Republic phone number to certain other carriers who won’t accept Republic’s number because it’s seen as a landline.
How to Acquire a New Local Number for Transfer to Republic
Step-by-step instructions for getting a new phone number in areas where Republic has run out of new numbers.
Adding International Calling to Your Republic Phone

How to integrate third party calling services into your phone for outbound calls beyond the U.S. and Canada.

Recently Improved

Current Open or Unsolved Issues
Allows you to see just the issues affecting your phone model by clicking on your phone model. The re-design and model filtering is courtesy of @southpawkb.
Republic Phone Caveats
A comparison of phones that work with Republic, allowing you to easily see if your intended purchase might be missing a feature that you have to have.
The Complete List of Caveats
Now includes a table of contents and a structure that allows more detail about individual caveats.

Old Favorites Still Going Strong!

Republic Wireless and Your Wi-Fi Router
See what other members think about the Wi-Fi router you have or may be considering, and cast your own ‘vote’ for whether your router works well.
Unsupported Short Codes
Unable to send or receive a short code text? Look here to see if others have noticed that too, and add short codes that aren’t working for you.

Want to help?

Your input and feedback are wanted! Some pages provide instructions for contributors so feel free to add your experience on those pages. A few don’t allow editing but your constructive comments will be noticed and may be incorporated when appropriate. If you have an idea about a new page you’d like to see or write, please direct-message @southpawkb or @carlh.

Non-Contract number transfer

Thanks for the summary and as always, thanks for the continued rich content on the wiki, @carlh!