Check Your Amex Offers


American Express has an offer for 10% back on your cell phone bill, up to $15. My offer expires 6/15/19.
Offers vary from person to person and card to card, so YMMV. Initially I wouldn’t have been able to max out this offer since my RW bill is so low. But paying for the annual plan today allowed me to double dip - 2 free months and 10% back! I paid less today for a year of service than a lot of people pay for per month to some carriers.


I would read the fine print very carefully!

In my research on the many credit card companys, and the several I have and use…they stipulate that pre-paid carriers do not qualify for said promotion. Only Post Paid.

Republic is still a Pre-Pay carrier, even if you are now on the Annual Plan.

This is a stipulation on my Wells Fargo Visa and BOA Mastercard in re-guards to their “Phone Protection” insurance if you use their card to pay your monthly cell phone bill.

So, other such and related cellular offerings may have certain qualifiers.


I purposely checked to ensure that I got the 10% credit from my April bill before posting about this offer. Mileage my vary with other credit card companies, but I can at least report that this has already worked for me with Republic Wireless spending on Amex.

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