Checklist - Phone Info E/G/X CDMA devices not on 'My Choice' 3.0


@philmusic, unfortunately I am no longer able to track all the CDMA phones PRL level, I don’t have a active CDMA phone

  • I would suggest that anyone who roams or may be in a fringe coverage Sprint check their phone PRL occasionally … historically I found that Sprint did updates about ever 3 months, but they have been doing a lot of infrastructure upgrades lately
  • Other users are encouraged to add the phone and level here as they become aware of changes

Defy xt not sending texts

For those of us still running the old Moto G1 – Did a check today and the latest PRL is 44071 –as of 2/9/2019 … (1st Gen XT1031)


Thanks for the PSA … helps bump it towards the top of Tips & Tricks so hopefully others may run across it