Checklist - Phone Info: Moto E/G/X Legacy Phones


@philmusic, unfortunately I am no longer able to track all the CDMA phones PRL level, I don’t have a active CDMA phone

  • I would suggest that anyone who roams or may be in a fringe coverage Sprint check their phone PRL occasionally … historically I found that Sprint did updates about ever 3 months, but they have been doing a lot of infrastructure upgrades lately
  • Other users are encouraged to add the phone and level here as they become aware of changes
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Defy xt not sending texts

For those of us still running the old Moto G1 – Did a check today and the latest PRL is 44071 –as of 2/9/2019 … (1st Gen XT1031)



Thanks for the PSA … helps bump it towards the top of Tips & Tricks so hopefully others may run across it


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