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When buying a new phone on republic, is there an option to pay with PayPal?



there is no PayPal option

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Well, there is an indirect option but only if one has already set up a Paypal Business Debit Card: Alternative Payment Methods.



Obviously eBay uses them since they own them but so do hundreds of online as well as brick n mortar shops. I’m sure they’ve considered this option. Does anyone have any additional insight in Republic’s future plans concerning payment methods? Not everyone wants to open up an account simply to finance a phone. While I understand the attraction, other options would be nice, especially when PayPal credit offers six months interest free on purchases.

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Actually, to the best of my knowledge, eBay no longer owns Paypal. They are separate companies.

Regarding Republic’s future plans, most of us commenting here are fellow customers like you. Republic staff drops in from time to time but is unlikely to comment definitively on any future plans concerning accepted payment methods. @drm186, has already referenced Republic’s currently accepted payment methods and I’ve pointed you to some alternatives I’ve, researched, tested and used. For now, that’s likely to be as good as it gets.

Republic does listen to feedback, so I’m confident they’re paying attention. Where that might ultimately lead is for time to tell.


Republic, itself, doesn’t finance phones. Rather it partners with a third party to offer that option. More on that here: Financing with Affirm – Republic Help. It’s true one needs to establish an account to purchase a phone from Republic but then one would need to establish a Republic account to obtain service. Finally, in the event financing options elsewhere are more attractive to you, certain Android phones may be purchased from third parties and brought to Republic: Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless.


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